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Review "Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie"


Start Of Guardian of the galaxy is about a boy who lives in marvel universe and his story from a hospital to the center of the galaxy and then becoming Peter Quill(Chris Pratt) later known as Star Lord....yes a small child in a hospital living miserably to becoming the leader of Guardians of The Galaxy, Star Lord. Peter was raised by an alien gang who were bounty hunters because he was an orphan, all he did was theft in his entire life. This gang of thief was lead by Yondu, a very infamous thief. But as a grown man now Peter wants to leave Yondu behind in terms of Thieving so he decided to snatch his boss' latest target, he did it but this thing that he snatched lead him to be the target of bounty hunters like like Rocket (Bradley Cooper) and Groot (Vin Diesel), as well as assassins like Gamora (Zoe Saldana).

So they all started fighting with each other but with so much fighting and all they all ended up in a prison where they met their last partner Drax The Destroyer. This beast is only living for the sole purpose of vengeance agains Ronan but doesn't have that much power ever to face him and Ronan however is behind Peter for the thing that he has stolen. Now in order to help each other with their goals these five have founded a team but who would have known that thes with such mismatch would form a begining of start of Guardians Of The Galaxy with the sole purpose of saving the who galaxy from whenever a greater danger arrrives.

\ The movie directed by James Gunn is definitely a different one from the Marvel's point of view story line but still being the odd one this movie is in the end like a mug Of delicious vine in hand and will reminds you one of the best vines you ever drink in entire life. Yet this movie offers you a great story line and it may prove to be the best in Marvel's but it lacks something that can stop it from being the best in Marvel. Let's see how they react to movie the critics and the audience. If we will say in short Guardians Of The Galaxy is another successfull one from Marvel but will lack something.

Now you want to know about the good parts of the movie :- The first thing that this movie is going to offer audience is sell the new odd and spectacular Marvel Characters and it did this in a very perfect way. This movie is not only action or anything, Gunn has the experience of Indie Films in his hands and he also put his experience in those movies to make this Marvel franchise a bit off the beat and some kind of deliciously witty too. This movie also offers audience a bit of emotions and other feelings along with action, love etc. These all emotions and qualities are of the characters in the movie every single of the five characters in Guardians Of The Galaxy (Both Human And CGI) the head team work with each other to bring this odd movie to the audience.

Now bad parts of the movie the marvel galaxy is going to offer a more environment like Star wars and it is feeling a bit of Green in the back and the stage is hollow. This movie offers more CGI than actual acting in the movie so what we are getting here is more of artificial acting as when we watch the scene where there are enclosed sets (like the prison set piece, or inside Ronan’s warship) tend to be more convincing (as do the fully CGI sequences of spaceship battles, chases, etc); but when mixing live actors with fantastical CGI environments, the results are less than convincing, and once again we get that “TV budget” effects problem common to Marvel Movies. Establishing shots of alien worlds look more like concept artwork in motion, rather than actual, believable, landscapes.

The Guardians Of The Galaxy is Out there so book you tickets now and enjoy fully.

Regards Guardians Of the Galaxy Team

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Lee Pace

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